WordPress hack fixed

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Some automated bot added an extra PHP file and a redirect, so when Googling for this website you would have been redirected to a page selling drugs.

I’m still trying to think why looking for some Fedora package would trigger a compulsive Viagra purchase, but hey, not everyone is the same.

Page & redirects have been removed, everything is back to normal. The specific repository pages were not visible (404) due to a faulty WordPress plugin update, which I removed. A crawl from Google has been triggered to remove the drugs page from Google search.

I will move the GPG public key of the repositories somewhere else, so people can still check if they have any doubt.

Now, If I could figure out how to remove that Jetpack error about AMP….

Also, looking for a cheap hosting solution (hey, this has been running for free since 2013), ideally where I also manage the website (no more WordPress..) and not the hosting company managing it for me, so if you have any suggestion let me know.

8 thoughts to “WordPress hack fixed”

  1. Thank you for the update. I use your multimedia repo for all my laptops and desktops.

    Have you considered using an external service to monitor the state of your website including regular vulnerability scans? You could do it yourself with OpenVAS but it’s time and effort that you may not be inclined to spend.

    Not the question you asked, but food for thought.

  2. I would use OVH. You can get a very cheap VPS and you can choose the Linux OS from a few options, which you have full root access to so you can install whatever you want. Unlimited traffic even on the cheapest option.

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