Sonarr, Lidarr, Radarr, Tautulli and Spotifyd packages for Fedora

I now have a new Plex server with lots of storage in a new small cube form factor, so it was now time to automate things a bit more and put the box to proper use.

Now in the multimedia repository you can now find Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr and Tautulli. This allows you to populate and maintain automatically your TV Shows, Movies and Music libraries without effort. Tautulli is not particularly useful if you are not hosting Plex for third parties, but gives you anyway statistics and information in a nice GUI for consumption and also notifies you any time one of the other tools adds something to a library.

Now I can see how many times my kid has watched the Super Wings! TV show (a ridiculous amount of times, if you are interested):

The packages are built from the upstream releases. Being Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr built on different Mono versions and requiring a different minimum version, I assembled the packages from their Mono binaries tarballs. The plan is to make all of these available also for CentOS, so packaging needs to be relaxed. Tautulli as well bundles a lot of specific Python dependencies.

All of them come with proper System units and Firewalld rule definitions. So should be a breeze to enable them on the system.

$ rpm -ql sonarr radarr lidarr tautulli | grep -E 'systemd|firewalld'

Along with those, there is also Spotifyd, which allows you to turn any system into a Spotify client and/or Spotify Connect speaker. Without any configuration file it just works like a WiFi speaker support Spotify Connect, with a configuration file that contains a Spotify Premium username and password you have a fully connected client that you can control with the Spotify phone app like any other client.

If the Plex server is always on and close to a set of speakers, why not use it also as a WiFi speaker? Would also be nice to have Google Cast support; so my family could also use it for listenting to Plex hosted music, but unfortunately Google locked out all APIs for casting and no open source implementation exists (as far as I know).

For example:

This list comes from my phone, and I’m in the same network of the laptop. Everything else is signed in with my account or has been playing something when I was close by, so it’s still logged in.

Also Spotifyd will eventually be available for CentOS/RHEL even if it does not have any Rust packages. The version currently in the repositories is built to also support PulseAudio as a backend, as the plan is to run this on a fully fledged Fedora/CentOS/RHEL system. The binary release offered on the Github project is built with only Alsa as a backend as it requires a considerable less amount of libraries as dependencies; making it suitable for running on a barebone Raspberry Pi.

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  1. Slaanesh, I wanted to shout out that I LOVE your repos. I, also, would like to donate but the entry amount of 0,00 is confusing. I suspect it using the European “,” instead of the USD “.” so 0,10 would be 10 US cents versus $10 USD. Correct? Not had that problem using Paypal so you may want to look at your web page reference. It does read USD.

  2. Thanks for your work packaging all this, it’s really awesome.

    Do you plan to automate building weekly releases from the project’s git pages, or any other form of keeping up to date on main releases?

    I’m asking since currently, probably like most people, I’m using’s docker images for my home media setup, but I’d like to move everything to *.rpm packages if easy updates will be available.

    1. Back from holiday. Just the main releases, no git snapshots if possible. And only officially pre-built Mono binaries, as the requirements are all different in the various projects. I started with the docker containers as well, but they took ~3gb while with rpms I’m at 24 mb total.

  3. it would be nice to read more about your Plex Server build and setup.. did you publish any article somewhere else? Many thanks 🙂

    1. Actually I was planning to. Probably happening at the end of August, when I’ll be back from holiday and all pieces will be here. 62 TB at the moment…

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