Mirroring repositories

There is a RSYNC daemon running serving all the content of the /repos folder. You can sync a specific repository with a command like this:

rsync -crlpvz --progress --delete-after rsync:// local/path

I’ve also added the instructions on the /repos folder directly.


A repository that packs the latest Steam for Fedora. This are the same packages that are now integrated in RPMFusion.

CDRtools / Schily Tools

A repository for cdrtools is available for those that don’t think that cdrkit works enough well. The packages obsoletes the cdrkit packages and plugs into as a replacement for brasero etc. On RHEL 6+ and Fedora the packages uses file capabilities to avoid having the binaries setuid root.

As of now, the CDRtools source has been merged with the Schily Tools package, so the repository provides that.

Nvidia driver, CUDA tools and libraries

A repository that packs the latest Nvidia driver and all its ecosystem of tools: NVENC, CUDA, etc.. For Fedora and CentOS/RHEL; quite different from the other repositories I found around.

Samsung Unified Linux Driver – Printers & Scanners

A repository that contains the Linux driver for Samsung’s line of scanners, printers and multifunction devices. It supports local and network connected devices.

Spotify client

Repackaged Ubuntu binaries for Fedora.


RAR archiver, packaged for Fedora and CentOS/RHEL.

Multimedia – includes Nvidia driver, CUDA

A repository for HandBrake, the really powerful open source multi threaded video encoder along with awesome MakeMKV ripper (it can rip encrypted Blue Ray and DVDs) and the libdvdcss library.

There are also CUDA enabled builds of Blender and FFMPeg, additional restricted FFMpeg encoders/decoders and multimedia libraries as well as Gstreamer plugins for the various Gnome releases.

This repository is NOT compatible with RPMFusion, UnitedRPMS, nux or whatever. It overwrites packages from the main repsitories and some CentOS/RHEL secondary ones. The CentOS/RHEL repository also contains 32 bit packages for most of the libraries needed as a dependency, contrary to the EPEL repository.

It also contains the same packages that are in the following repositories:

  • Nvidia driver, CUDA tools and libraries
  • RAR
  • CDRtools
  • Spotify
  • Steam
  • Samsung ULD

So if you want BOTH the multimedia packages and the Nvidia drivers & tools, you can just configure this repository on your systems.

12 thoughts to “Repositories”

  1. First, thank you for this great repository. I am trying to run the ccminer on a system with an Asus GTX 1070 card. The miner will crash pretty frequently. Could you tell me what libraries I should have installed with it to ensure stability? I have tried to compile the ccminer myself and ran into a lot of difficulty on Fedora 26 but really want to get it to work. Is it possible your version was built without the Pascal architecture support? Also, is there any plan to build an updated version of it using the Cuda 9.0 libraries? I would be willing to help in all of this as well. I can go into more detail with actual error messages if you like. Thank you again.

    1. I’m testing now a GCC 6.x compiler to be used with CUDA 9, if all goes well, I will release the packages for Fedora 27 and then rebuild the other branches as well to use CUDA 9.

  2. Hi, in the last month all the times dnf updates from your repo it gets stuck at about 40kB/s, is it something wrong on my machine or is just your bandwidth of your servers being a bit tight recently? Cheers

  3. I was stuck on Window 7 for handbrake until I found your Handbrake repo for Fedora 24. I cannot wait to install Fedora 25 and give the Multimedia repo a try.

    I appreciate your hard work!


  4. Thank you so much for these repositories! They make Fedora much more appealing. Would you please consider packaging Popcorn Time for Fedora? 🙂

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