Updated packages

There is a new update for HandBrake, it now reverts to using bundled libAV in place of the system FFMpeg. UTF subtitles were not recognized properly when scanning files, and VP8 encoding is not working properly.

Also, there is a new update for libbluray and a FFMpeg update that enables hardware acceleration for Intel Quick Sync Video hardware. That is, you can now use hardware acceleration for encoding on both Nvidia cards (NVENC) and Intel CPUs (QSV). CDRtools has also been updated to the very latest.

Notes and information on the HandBrake repository page has been updated accordingly.

3 thoughts to “Updated packages”

  1. Did both the Fedora 22 and 23 packages get updated for this round? In looking here:


    It doesn’t look like 22 has been updated since October, but 23 seems to have been updated about a week ago.

    The reason I ask is I’m seeing a bug related to subtitles in Handbrake that seems to have been introduced a few months ago and has been fixed since. Details here:


    I’m happy to install from source to fix the bug, but figured I would at least ask the question.

    And for what it’s worth, thanks for maintaining the RPMs in this repo- definitely makes life simpler for people like me!

      1. Yep, that RPM did indeed fix my issue! Subtitles are all good now… thank you for the help- I really appreciate it!

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