Server replaced

Due to some failure, the old server went offline and needed to be recovered. Easy fix, but required console access for repairing.

Unfortunately, the NOT awesome support of the housing provider locked me out of the management console for 4 days straight before they fixed some issues and granted me access again.

According to them, I should have just waited for days without doing anything. Since this is not an option, I reinstalled the server with all the repositories (rsync and https) and switched the DNS record to it.

Today I finally regained access to the old server and picked up one file that I needed to restore the database, so here is up again. On the positive side:

  • It’s a much more capable hardware with SSD drives
  • Updated OS
  • Updated hardening policies (CIS, NIST, and some other stuff)
  • Configuration/setup is fully automated
  • I have full access on the console in case of issues
  • It’s available on IPv6
  • Proper crypto policies (it’s now listed as A on the Qualys website):

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