Bigger dedicated server

As you might have noticed, in the last few weeks there were issues with the website and repositories.

This was due to the fact that after all the load moved to the dedicated server, the sizing of it was not enough to cope with load. CPU usage constantly at limit and not enough memory that resulted in OOM killing (most of the time) the database.

I’m just finished replacing the server with a bigger one (4 times the size), hope this would be enough for the moment. If not, I will separate the repository download from the main website.

Hope that this will be stable for a while.

11 thoughts to “Bigger dedicated server”

  1. Hi!

    Thank you for all the hard work! I seem to be getting 404s for both the nvidia and spotify repo for the past few days, any idea what the issue might be? I’m on Fedora 34

  2. Hi,
    I’m upgrading my old PC from fedora 29, but repos for it are removed.
    So I can’t upgrade, nor removing the package due to dependencies.

    Can you provide a way to obtain the old fedora 29 repos?

  3. Ran my own server long time ago. Suppose its more cost effective today as parts are cheaper and stuff, but there’s the other costs. So hope its cheaper for you in the end.

    I actually use shared hosting today and use Let’s Encrypt with it so its not like you can’t.

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