Updated repositories for Steam, Nvidia, HandBrake/MakeMKV, CDRtools

Another batch of updates to the repositories:

  • MakeMKV has finally been updated to version 1.8.7-2, which contains a small tweak as suggested in MakeMKV‘s forums to re-enable internal SSL support. This should solve all SCSI errors when decrypting BluRay discs on recent Fedora OpenSSL releases that do not ship all EC curves.
  • The HandBrake build with some of the bundled libraries removed in favour of system libraries (~50% of them) has been pushed as the supported build.
  • The nvidia-settings package now builds the external libXNVCtrl.so library that can be used to control the graphic cards through the NV-CONTROL extension. This library updates the old and obsolete one in Fedora based on drivers version 165.
  • The CDRtools suite has been updated to version 3.01a21.
  • The Steam package now produces an additional steam-noruntime subpackage that contains all the library requirements for running Steam without using the Steam Runtime. More details on the Steam repository page. This build has also been pushed to RPMFusion and will become the next update; so users which have the Steam package installed from the RPMFusion repositories will still have a Valve supported configuration with the Runtime enabled.

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