Steam under review in RPMFusion

The Steam package has been under review in RPMFusion for the latest 20 days:

It has now got a reviewer; so with a bit of hope the package could be finally merged into RPMFusion! At the moment, the package in my repository is exactly the same as the last one posted in the review.

7 thoughts to “Steam under review in RPMFusion”

  1. Good work, installed the package yesterday. Unfortunely the package doesnt pull all the 32-bit packages needed on a 64 Bit system (mesa-dri is missing). Ill create a comment on bugzilla later.

    1. It seems to me that all mesa packages are correctly required. I will look at the RPMFusion bug. Thanks for reporting.

      $ rpm -q --requires steam | grep -i mesa
  2. The bug is resolved fixed. Any idea where to further observe the status of getting Steam into RPMFusion?

    1. Unfortunately the RPMFusion infrastructure has some “capacity” problems. The package has been built but is stuck in the build queue waiting for operators to sign the package.

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