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The Steam repository has received some love; changes to the Steam package will also be pushed in RPMFusion after a bit of feedback.

Updated X-Box gamepad driver

The SteamOS X-Box Gamepad driver has been updated with the new Valve rebase on the 3.18 kernel, with new hardware support and bugfixes. Remember to disable Secure Boot if you plan to use it on an UEFI system.

In-Home Streaming

There are now instructions for setting up In-Home streaming, including the firewall rules required for enabling your desktop to accept connections from other Steam clients that are available on your network.

Also, hardware decoding is available if you are streaming from another Steam client and you are not running the Ubuntu Runtime.

Disabling Ubuntu Runtime

It is now possible again to have the steam-noruntime package that pulls in all (known) 32 bit dependencies and allows you to run Steam without the Ubuntu Runtime. Remember this is not supported, so while getting the benefits of it, you might as well encounter additional problems.

Also, some games pull in additional dependencies (the Witcher 2 or Anodyne, for example), so without the Runtime you are on your own to figure out what is missing.

But running Steam without the Ubuntu Runtime has also its benefits, for example you use DTS 7.1 sound through PulseAudio.

The steam-noruntime package also pulls in as the dependencies the required libraries for the hardware accelerated decoding with In-Home Streaming. This makes streaming much less flickery client side.

Those features normally work only with the Ubuntu/Debian libraries on the system, so avoiding the runtime is the only choice.

170 games and counting!

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