MakeMKV beta registration key

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MakeMKV has been updated to version 1.8.6; which requires FFMpeg version 2.x to compile succesfully. Unfortunately FFMpeg is available only in Fedora 20; so at the moment there’s no way to push MakeMKV 1.8.6 to the repositories.

If you are already running Fedora 20; you should receive MakeMKV version 1.8.6 along with the updates; otherwise please use the provided beta registration key published by the developers:

After starting MakeMKV just press the “Register” button and paste the provided code:


I’ve added a note on the repository page with the registration details.

2 thoughts to “MakeMKV beta registration key”

  1. Wish it wasn’t $50 bucks or if I could donate. This is a good program that should continue with aide.If I weren’t poor I would purchase.

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