WIT: Wiimms ISO Tools

Wiimms ISO Tools is a set of command line tools to manipulate Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers. The toolset consists of the following tools:

wit (Wiimms ISO Tool): This is the main ISO manipulation tool; it can list, analyze, verify, convert, split, join, patch, mix, extract, compose, rename and compare Wii and GameCube discs. It can create and dump different other Wii file formats.

wwt (Wiimms WBFS Tool): This is the main WBFS manipulation tool (WBFS manager); it can create, check, repair, verify and clone WBFS files and partitions. It can list, add, extract, remove, rename and recover ISO images as part of a WBFS.

wdf (Wiimms WDF Tool): This is a support tool for WDF, WIA and CISO archives. It converts (packs and unpacks), compares and dumps WDF, WIA (dump and cat only) and CISO archives. The default command depends on the program file name (see command descriptions). Usual names are wdf, unwdf, wdf-cat, wdf-cmp and wdf-dump (with or without minus signs).

wfuse (Wiimms FUSE Tool): Mounts a Wii or GameCube image or a WBFS file or partition to a mount point using FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace).

Please see the Wiimms ISO Tools page for additional information including examples, changelogs and command explanations.

Package information

This package tries to comply as maximum to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines; this means the packages has debuginfo packages, default Fedora’s GCC compile time options (where possible) and standard locations for binaries, data and docs.

Supported distributions:

  • CentOS/RHEL – i686/x86_64
  • Fedora – i686/x86_64

So far, the package still contains bundled lzma, bzip2 and libwbfs libraries. I will remove them and make it use system provided libraries once time permits.


To install the repository on a supported Fedora 22+ distribution, run as root the following command:

dnf config-manager --add-repo=https://negativo17.org/repos/fedora-wit.repo

For installation on CentOS and Redhat Enterprise Linux:

yum-config-manager --add-repo=https://negativo17.org/repos/epel-wit.repo

Then perform the following command to the package:

yum -y install wit


Here are some example commands for operation with the tools. Remember that for manipulating WBFS partitions directly you need access to the block device; i.e. being root or adding file ACLs to the required block device.

I find the syntax a bit harder to remember; so the same examples and additional commands are available in the README.Fedora file inside the package (/usr/share/doc/wit/README.Fedora).

Format a drive:

wwt format -v -f /dev/sdc2

Extract all in wdf format:

wit extract *.wdf -D destdir/%Y

Extract all iso images in all format (=ISO+CISO+DF+WBFS+FST; ‘.’ means current directory)

wit extract . -D destdir/%Y

The same, but search current directory recursivley:

wit extract -r . -D destdir/%Y

Btw, wit can extract directly from wbfs:

wit extract /dev/wbfs_drive -D destdir/%Y

Or a single disc with known ID:

wit extract /dev/wbfs_drive id6 -D destdir/%Y

Convert an iso into a wbfs file:

wit copy --source game.iso --wbfs -d game.wbfs -v

List games:

wwt LIST-L /dev/sdb2

Check filesystem:

wwt CHECK -v /dev/sdb2

Remove disc from filesystem:

wwt -t -v -P remove id6 -p /dev/sdb2

Add all games from one partition to the other; copying only missing games:

wwt add -v -P -u --source /dev/sdc1 -p /dev/sdb2

Add one single game from one partition to the other:

wwt add -v -P -u -n SARE4Z --source /dev/sdc1 -p /dev/sdb2

Downlod titles from gametdb.com:

wwt gettitles

Rename all games in a partition according to downloaded titles.txt file (English):

wwt SETTITLE -p /dev/sdb2 +=%T

Rename all games in a partition according to downloaded titles-it.txt file (Italian):

wwt SETTITLE -p /dev/sdb2 -T /var/lib/wit/titles-it.txt +=%T
wwt SETTITLE -p /dev/sdb2 --lang it +=%T

Change titles of ISO files in the given directory:

wit settitle source_dir +=%T


The address for contacting me is in the package’s changelog.

8 thoughts to “WIT: Wiimms ISO Tools”

  1. Another tip for people using Linux shell to convert files.
    If you use Configurable USB Loader maybe you’ve seen some wbfs files are not listed also if present into the /wbfs folder. That’s because of a bug that doesn’ t permit to see filename with the colon character ( : ).
    With this command you can remove the colon changing it with a minus ( – ).

    for file in *; do mv “${file}” “${file/:/ -}”; done

    after my previous command to change the title:

    for file in *.wbfs; do id=wit LS -H “$file” | cut -c1-6; name=wit LS -H “$file” | cut -c9-60 ; mv “$file” “[$id] $name.wbfs” ; done

    and the command to convert from ISO to wbfs:

    wit CONVERT -v -P –wbfs –source *.iso

  2. A command to rename wbfs files so they work with NTFS partitions into the wbfs directory.

    To have the filename compliant to the USB Loader that require ID6 into square brackets [ID] somewhere into filename. In this example the ID6 is at the beginning.

    for file in *.wbfs; do id=wit LS -H "$file" | cut -c1-6; name=wit LS -H "$file" | cut -c9-60 ; mv “$file” “[$id] $name.wbfs” ; done

  3. I see you used %T to change game titles. I’ve scoured the Wiimms website and saw no mention of %T. Are there other variables like it that would be awesome to know about? Thanks!

      1. I will rebuild and update when I come back on the 8th of January, I’m currently travelling through Indochina without connectivity. Thanks for letting me know.

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