Skype and Skype Pidgin plugin

skypeThis repository contains skype along with purple-skype for Fedora and CentOS/RHEL distributions. None of these packages can be distributed inside the main Fedora repositories due to licensing issues.

The purple-skype plugin allows you to use Skype accounts in Pidgin or Empathy. With the proper Gnome extension it also allows you to have shell notifications, a search provider to find Skype contacts, and a Skype menu button that displays the current online presence.

Package descriptions

This packages try to comply as maximum to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines; which means they have debuginfo packages, default Fedora’s GCC compile time options (where possible) and standard locations for binaries, data and docs.

Additional libraries that are normally fetched during Skype’s provided package are pulled during Skype installation. This avoids looking on the web for information on how to install missing packages and libraries. Since the package installs in the normal Fedora filesystem layout, the package also installs an exclusion for prelink that prevents prelinking in corrupting the binary.

Skype is available only in 32 bit format, so on a 64 bit a 32 bit client will always be installed.

Supported CentOS/RHEL and Fedora distributions for skype and purple-skype:

  • CentOS/RHEL 6 – i686/x86_64
  • CentOS/RHEL 7 – x86_64
  • Fedora 19 – i686/x86_64
  • Fedora 20 – i686/x86_64

On Fedora 20+, the real Skype binary is used through a wrapper that sets PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 before running the real binary. As of Skype this is required for proper operation.


To install the repository on a supported Fedora distribution, run as root the following command:

wget -O \

To install the repository on CentOS/RHEL:

wget -O \

Then, to install the skype packages, perform the following commands:

yum -y install skype

For purple-skype:

yum -y install purple-skype

After installing the plugin, restart Pidgin or Empathy and configure your Skype account.

Gnome Shell integration

To enable the additional Gnome Shell integration, after installing the purple-skype package, point your browser to this Gnome Extensions page and install the extension to have Skype integrated as all the other Gnome accounts.



The address for contacting me is in the package’s changelog.

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    • Hello, I would rather not invest much on developing for such a closed source program that cannot be even redistributed; but if there is enough request for this I might consider packaging it.

  1. Yes! I searched for a solution like that for a long time and already almost gave up after another skype4pidgin package did not work. Yayy I’m happy, thanks :)

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